Life is Like That

As doctors we get to meet many kinds of people from all walks of life. Some people have physical problems, while some have emotional and psychological problems. Sometimes it is a combination of both. Human emotions are very complex. One can never predict as to how the mind works. All our thoughts and actions are based on our perceived notion; in which case many times it is quite difficult for people to change and make a paradigm shift from what they believe is the truth. Sometimes perceptions can make or break people’s lives.

We did have a patient recently who underwent a major illness and was hospitalized for a few weeks. He was very young, professionally qualified and had a fantastic career with one of the very well known company where he was considered to be the start performer. Everything was going great guns until suddenly he collapsed with a sudden stomach pain and that is how he landed at our hospital. The patient had a very cheerful and vibrant personality. While convalescing he managed to win the hearts of all patients as well as nurses and doctors all around him. It was fun when he was around and most of the nurses missed him when he went home.

He was required to come and see us for regular checkups once in four weeks. So when he did come in for the regular checkup we began to see a different side of him. Suddenly from a cheerful person he soon turned out to be a depressed man and it looked as if he was aging prematurely. We could see a kind of resigned sadness in his eyes and the face was accentuated with a receding hairline. He was obviously under some sort of strain but was not willing to come forth and discuss openly with us. The problem was psychological and nothing to do with his illness definitely.

It was with a lot of coaxing and work on him that we got the problem out. The problem was rather quite simple. He had begun to notice that his hair had begun to fall and there were a couple of visible patches on his head. This has brought out the fear in him that he would turn old and no girl would ever want to be in a relationship with him. No amount of explanation or logic worked on him. He was stuck to his perceptions.

It was understandable that his hair loss was caused due to his illness. Apart from hereditary factors that contribute to baldness in men, sometimes major illnesses too cause men to loose hair. Once we understood his problem, while trying to change his perception, we also put him on oral Propesia tablets. These tablets are well known for treating and stopping men from growing bald. Propesia acts as inhibitors to DHT which is responsible for causing hair follicles to get weaker and baldness. In fact Propesia is the only drug, amongst all kinds of treatments available for baldness in men that is able to attack the root cause and provide suitable treatment.

Within a few weeks of taking Propesia tablets, he began to see a slow change in his head and hair. The hair fall stopped and after a few weeks new hair began to grow in place of the lost hair. Of course along with Propesia we had also advised other multi vitamin tablets that helped improve his overall health. But Propesia managed to give him back his life and his cheerful personality. The last time he came in for the checkup, guess who turned up with him? Of course it was his fiancée.

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