My Neighbor Grows Younger By The Day

When you live in a small town, you get to know every family that lives in your area and your neighbors become your extended family. We have been living in a small town for the last ten years and our neighbors have really been our extended family in place of our own families that live far away. We have never had a chance to miss having elders around for guidance or support. Whenever one of us has been sick they have taken turns to look after us, cook for us and care for us. Whenever we needed some elderly and experienced advice on any problem, they have extended their experience and practical view point and it has always worked. When our dog fell sick, it was our neighbors who took him to the vet. They have been the god parents to our children. In fact we must say that god gave us a set of parents in them. We have been very lucky.

Our neighbor Mr. Smith is a very jovial and very cheerful person. He loves to dress up and is always immaculately dressed. More than his wife it is he who shops for the latest fashion. In fact he not only loves to dress but loves to party too. At the drop of a hat they invite people home for get together and play the perfect hosts. No guesses here, Mr. Smith loves all the attention he gets. We end up having one meal at least in a week at their place.

Mr. Smith is a strict disciplinarian when it comes to his habits and the way he spends his day. He is the first one to rise early in the morning. At this age he goes jogging and walking for an hour at the park. This is followed up with half hour meeting and chatting at the park with friends and then home for a leisurely breakfast and news paper session. He never misses out on his exercising. The rest of the day he is very active and doesn't even take a nap. He is always around to help anyone who needs his help for anything. You can say that he is jack of all trades.

Two months back he was admitted to the hospital for an enlarged prostrate. After a while his problem was resolved and he returned home. Ever since his health got back to normal we had begun to notice a change in him. There was something in him but we couldn’t tell and that something had made his extremely happy. He was seen all the time singing and humming to himself, taking more interest in his dressing. For a while we did think that he was beginning to look a little younger, then of course we noticed that his hair on the head seemed to be growing back and he wasn't looking totally bald that he was.

We first thought that he had undergone some kind of baldness treatment or had pumped some steroids. But he had done nothing. Of course he didn’t know why things had turned towards the better with his hair until he asked is doctor. The doctor of course ran through his case sheet and noticed that he had been prescribed Propesia tablets for several weeks. Propesia tablets are mainly used in treating baldness in men and are also used in cases with enlarged prostrate. So here without his knowledge he had got a solution for his baldness too. Propesia actively acts as a DHT inhibitor by stopping DHT from destroying the hair growth. No wonder there was a renewed vigor and spring in our neighbor's walk. Now my husband too wants to go to the doctor for Propecia and you know why? He wants to look young and handsome too.

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