Proper living conditions for good health

In Africa, the western countries vehemently changed the ways of life from their uncouth ways in terms of health. The ancient times were characterized by poor living conditions, but the advent of research and technology has enabled the breakthrough in matters concerning health in the world at large. Always, good health begins with one’s personal efforts. The efforts are classified under cleanliness, good environment, and nutrition and exercising. When we take these aspects with maximum considerations, we will surely be healthy and free from diseases. We therefore have to watch every step we take when we are using our bodies.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, this emphasizes the need to be clean in all ways and all the time. When we are in a clean environment, we are free from health deteriorating agents. For our health to have significant improvements, we need to embrace the urge of always keeping the environment clean. Ensure that we alleviate bushes, figure out ways of controlling open stagnant water and always sweep the compound clean. When we do this, we prevent the attack of diseases like malaria and sleeping sickness which can worsen our body system.

Personal cleanliness is good for health purposes. When we keep our bodies always clean, we dispose most kinds of bacteria and other micro organisms which cause diseases. We have to bath frequently, floss and brush our teeth keenly. With proper hygiene, we also need to wash our hands habitually. Mostly, our personal health majorly relies on the cues that we adopt and observe always. They are mainly the actions that have been proved to prevent and minimize the outcome of illnesses. Many washing materials are being invented which ensure that washing is serious so that all forms of causative agents are immensely reduced, like medicated or herbal soaps.

Food is a vital aspect to man, without food, we perish. Food mainly contains proteins, starch, vitamins, water and mineral salts. We have to be accustomed to a balanced diet so that we get all these nutrients. We will only get these benefiting parts if we only handle our food with care. Storing, preparing and washing of food are essential so that we eliminate dirt from food. Dirt can be in fruits or vegetables you have just bought. Ensure that you wash them thoroughly before you eat for the purpose of good health.

The need to glean information about the observations we make on our bodies on a daily basis is important as it helps us to make decisions or proper actions. The observations can be on the sleeping pattern, nutritional ingestion, exercise habits and features of the environment. The actions prompted can be to improve, reduce, prevent and control, for example, when you wake up with a clogged nose every morning means you have to try a clean bed sheet. The observations can go further to clinical decisions or treatment. We have to make the right moves as much as possible for the right health.

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