Skin Health

If you just realize how important it is to maintain a healthy skin, you would never take health of this largest body organ for granted. It is an integral part of our lives for it plays major roles.

Versatility of your skin makes it perform various functions including protection. It forms a barrier between you and the external environment. This way, it is capable of offering strong protection against physical damage, infections and of course poisonous substances.

It acts as a perfect thermal regulator with each part acting like heating and cooling industry. Perspiration or sweating is initiated by sweat glands when temperatures are high in attempts to bring temperatures back to normal. By the same token, during cold weather, muscles of the skin initiate formation gooseflesh that minimizes loss of heat.

Secreting various products is yet another function of your beautiful skin. Sebum, which is special oil that is produced by sebaceous glands, keeps skin flexible and supple. Sebum helps in maintenance of pH together with offering protection. Absorption of various nutrients is yet another function of your skin. That’s why people bask in the sun early in the morning in the name of getting vitamin D.

It is a fundamental excretion organ. It helps in elimination of waste products which is the major reason as to why some people refer to it as ’third kidney’. The element of sensitivity to various stimuli is still an important function of this organ.

Now, if you overlook and health of your skin, you may as well be losing all those great actions. It is true that each one of us has distinct skin which is constantly undergoing transformation due to regeneration of cells. Since it is the outermost body organ, it is prone to injuries and other environmental ravages. It is therefore crucial to ensure that your skin gets perfect cocoon when coming into contact with different chemicals. Otherwise, health of your skin may be adversely affected.

The food that we take that contain various preservatives can as well affect body’s reaction leading to negative responses of cells in the body. This also manifests itself on the skin affecting its general .

Skin may create a good definition of who you are. Sorry to say this but if you are a chain smoker or a drunkard, you need not say it. The skin will speak out for you. Damaging effects and pronounced wrinkles tells the story. It also can tell of your body strength. For dermatologists state of your skin well being can easily be diagnosed.

This being the case let me give you some tips to help enhance and well being of your skin. To start with, avoid over exposure to sunlight for it causes age spots, wrinkles and other problems. You may choose to use sunscreens to minimize this effect.

Shun smoking as it contributes to wrinkles and makes you appear older than you actually are. It also decreases rate of flow of blood in vessels of the skin. In addition, treat this invaluable body organ gently. Have a careful shave and use mild soaps.

Manage level of stress and very importantly, take a healthy diet. That way, health will not be an issue.

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